History Of Al Atthas

Manaqib of Al-Imam Shahibur Ratib

Quthbil Anfas Wan Nibras

Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas


His name is Umar Bin Abdurrahman Bin Agil Bin Salim Bin Ubaidullah Bin Abdurrahman Bin Abdullah Bin Syeikh Al Ghauts Abdurrahman As-Seggaf Bin Muhammad Maulah Dawilah Bin Ali Bin Alawi al Ghoyur Bin Sayyidina Al Faqih Al Muqaddam Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Al Imam Muhammad Shahib Mirbath Bin Ali Bin Alwi Bin Muhammad Bin Alwi Bin Ubaidullah Bin Imam Al Muhajir Ahmad Bin Isa Bin Muhammad An Naqib Bin Al Imam Ali al Uraidhi Bin Jaafar Ash Shadiq Bin Al Imam Muhammad Al Baqir Bin Al Imam Ali Zainal Abidin Bin Al Imam Husein Sibthi Bin Al Imam Ali Bin Abi Thalib and Bin Al Batul Fatimah Az-Zahra daughter of the Prophet Muhammad Rasullullah SAW

Originally named ‘Al-Atthas’

qubbah attasAl-Faqih Abdullah Bin Umar Ba’ubad said: “He called Al-Atthas referred to sneeze, because he never sneezed while still in the mother’s abdomen”. Said Al-Habib Ali Bin Hassan Al-Atthas: “Actually what was said by Sheikh Al-Faqih Abdullah Bin Umar Ba’ubad is true, only according to the most correct news said that the first sneeze while still in his mother’s womb is Habib Aqil famous Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas, so the news was only known to himself and his children and grand children Aqil and Abdullah, his brother. While children and grand children Sayyidina Aqil Bin Salim other known family name Aqil Bin Salim “.

Al-Habib Ali Bin Hassan Said : “Endlessly they heard the sound of a sneeze in their stomachs principal part time after time, as notified by the wife, a righteous woman. Sheikha Bin Sahl Ibn Abi Bakr Bin Syaiban Bin Ahmad Bin Ishaq, he said: “One day when I was sitting with Sharifah Fatimah Bin Habib Muhammad Basurah Ba’alawi, at that time I was pregnant with your son named Al Hasan first, I heard he sneezes when he was still in my stomach, and I heard the sound of a sneeze Sharifah Fatimah it clearly, and he was born at 1147 H, but he died when I was little. “

Al Habib Ali Bin Hussain Al-Atthas mentions in his book Ta’jul A’raas first part page 40, that in Mecca ever heard the sound of a sneeze from child still in his mother’s womb, of course, the incident including incidents of miracles recognized by Ahlu Sunnah, as mentioned in the Books of Tawheed and Aqoid they and their arguments famous sourced from Al-Quran and as-Sunnah.

Imam Nawawi never mentions in his book Righteous Riyaadhus in chapter Al-Karamat. Mentioned in the book was narrated the story of a monk named Juraij yaang, which is that Allah ordained a baby talking to testify about yourself Juraij, of course sneeze when a baby is still in its mother’s womb is not much different with a baby who could speak after he birth, such events is not difficult for Allah because Allah hath power to ordain whatsoever He wills.

Al Imam Al Khalifah Al Habib Hasan Bin Muhammad Bin Salim Bin Ahmad Bin Hasan Al Atthas (Imam Masjid Ba ‘Alawi Singapore) said in the book Sharh Ratib Al Atthas that who was given the title of Imam Al Habib is Shahibur Ratib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Bin Aqil Al Atthas .

Birth and fosterage

He was born in the village near the village Ainat Lisk, in the bottom portion of Hadhramaut country, at the end of the 10th century, precisely in the year 992 H. Since little he cared for and educated by his own father, Al-Habib Abdul Rahman Bin Aqil. Although his eyes blind since childhood, but God gave him the intelligence and the view is breathtaking (Bashirah), so he was easy to memorize what she had heard.

His father, Al-Habib Abdul Rahman Bin Aqil once said to Syeikh Abdurrahman Ibn Aqeel Al-Junied Bawazir known as Al-Mu’allim call: “Should you give more attention to Umar, because the eyes can not see.” Abdurrahman Sheikh replied: “Although both eyes Umar can not see, but the view bashirahnya can see, caused his heart shine”.

Since childhood he was a diligent child worship, ascetic life turned from the world and from childhood had seen the signs on his personality. Since childhood, he often to the city of Tarim hamlet Lisk and praying two rak’ahs in every mosque in the city of Tarim, sometimes even drew water from the well to fill the ponds mosque.

In his childhood, he is guided by his father and his teachers, for example Al-Habib Hussien, Al-Habib Hamid, Al-Habib Muhdhor, sons Saiyidina Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim frequented by his father, Al-Habib Abdul Rahman Bin Aqil.

Father of Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Al-Habib Abdul Rahman Bin Aqil is a Arif Billah, a scholar who obey God’s laws undergo, he was a leading figure of the mayor, he has received the knowledge and the area of his uncle, the ash Syeikh Bakr Ibn Salim, an uncle who is very in love to Sayyid Abdul Rahman and his father, Al-Habib Aqil. Al-Habib Aqil are siblings with ash Syeikh Bakr Ibn Salim, which Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim no mention of his brother this one:

“What’s in the Guardian Masyhur (ie himself), is nothing but thanks to Mayor Mastur (his brother named Aqil)”

Al-Habib Abdul Rahman Bin Aqil is a noble, pure and clean heart, he often visited Wadi Wadi Amed and Kaser, residents of those areas always respected him, and begged glorify his blessings. He has various karomah, among them the one day he visited a village in Wadi Amed. When it rains heavy so he said to his camel: “Go thou and seek a shelter, and I will do the same and tomorrow we meet in the village of Qaran Bin Adwan”. The next day when he arrived at the village of Qaran, then his not find his camel, so he asked his aides: “Where camel gone?” But the maid could not find it. On the next morning, it comes complete with camel stuff.

When Al-Habib Abdul Rahman died in the city Huraidhah, then Al-Habib Umar ordered aides to help the search of land suitable to serve as the grave of his father, the maid finally get a piece of land that is marked by a pillar of light, finally Al-Habib Abdul Rahman buried at the site. Usually if Al-Habib Umar visited the grave of his father, then he spoke with his father from beyond the grave.

Al-Habib Abdul Rahman Bin Aqil was married to two women, namely Syarifah Muznah Bint Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Alawi Al-Jeffri. Syarifah this is a mother to Al-Habib Umar and brother-siblings, namely Al-Habib Abdullah and Al-Hababah Alawiyah. Later, he married a woman from Yemen of the family of Al-Bathouq one of the tribes of Bani Ahmad Yamani is Arobiyah Bint Bathouq. His second wife gave birth to several children, of whom Aqil, Sholeh, Musyayakh and Mary.

In general, he is domiciled in Lisk, but he often visited Ainat, Tarim, Wadi Amed, Al-Qaser and Do’an. Eventually he was destined to move in Huraidhah moments before he died that coincide when Al-Habib Umar has received instructions from his teacher that both Al-Habib Hussein and Al-Habib Hamid son Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim to move to Huraidhah, in the village this Huraidhah he died.

Mother of Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Mother his name called Syarifah Muznah Binti Muhammad Bin Alawi Al-Jeffri. Mother he has been a righteous. It is said that Muznah Syarifah son died in a small age, he was named Ahmad. After a few days from the time of his death, then there is a small green bird that often come to visit this Muznah Syarifah, until he said. “If you are the soul of my son who has died, there came into my hands”. After Syarifah Muznah extend of hand, the little bird perched to his hand and kissed it, then he let it go back, so that it flew out of his hand.

Brother of Habib Umar Al-Atthas

He has four brothers and two women. As for the sibling with him is Abdullah and Alawiyah, while Sholeh, Aqil, Musyayakh and Mary the sister of the father, their mother a woman of the family Yemen Bathouq of the tribes of Bani Ahmad.

As for his brother, Al-Habib Abdullah Bin Abdul Rahman including a famous guardian figure, he never did various exercises riadhah and mujahadah. And go preach to the mountain of Al Yafi place Bani Yafi’, after obtaining permission from his teacher named Al-Habib Hussein Bin Abu Bakr Ibn Salim, accompanied by her maid named Ali Ahmad Al Yafi’i Harharah.

He settled in the village Ma’zubah, got married in the village and have children and grand children. His tomb and his children in the village pilgrimaged many people from various distant place away. They were given a variety of intercession which are not few in number, according to Al-Habib Ali Bin Hassan Al-Atthas, his children and grand children, there are over a hundred people who had counted on time Habib Ali is still alive.

Habib Umar brother named Al-Habib Aqil known as a scholar who always apply their knowledge. Al-Habib Aqil was once studied from Sheikh Muhammad Umar Al-Afif biin in the village of Al-Hajrain, up to a lot of people who gain knowledge of him after he returned to Huraidhah. Every day Al-Habib Umar took the time to attend the Majlis Ta’lim Al-Habib Aqil every time after he returned from his father’s grave.

Al-Habib Aqil died when Al-Habib Umar still alive. He left several sons and daughters. After his father died, then Habib Umar nurture them with the best of care. After sons Habib adult Aqil, Al-Habib Umar then mated with the daughters of his.

The Musyayakh including a pious, he died in the lifetime of Al-Habib Umar, he left a daughter. The Sholeh, he had a son named Hussein. As for his brother of mary, was married to Sheikh Habib Bin Abdillah Al-Musawa, and had several sons.


Al-Habib Umar emigration to cities of Huraidhah

Al-Habib Hussein Bin Abu Bakr Ibn Salim used to say: “O Ba’alwi Huraidhah family?” Then say to him that none of the existing Ba’alwi family in the village, then he said: “Later in the village would Ba’alwi family attended, their faces like the moon, and will provide benefits to the people. “

When Al-Habib Umar reached the age of puberty are of legal age, then his teacher named Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim told him to preach to the village of Al-Huraidhah. Similarly, his teacher named Al-Habib Hamid Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr also told him to immediately call people in the village of Al-Huraidhah. So armed with a command of both his teacher, Al-Habib Umar immediately preach to Huraidhah.

Al-Habib Ali Bin Hussain Al-Atthas mention in the book Taajul A’raas part 2 page 111 that in the beginning of Al-Habib Umar used to commute to Huraidhah. Finally he settled there in 1040 H.

When Al-Habib Umar arrived in Huraidhah for the first time, he was asked by Sheikh Najjaad Adz Dzibyani to settle in his house, he had great respect for him and said: “This is your houses” So Sheikh Najjaad received tremendous blessings from him.

In the village there is a woman named Sholehah, he vowed to give his property and part of his house to Habib Umar, then Al-Habib Umar ask for her hand in return for virtues.

Furthermore, before Al-Habib Umar settled in the village of Al-Huraidhah, then he returned to the village Lisk first to invite his father and brothers to move to Huraidhah. In the beginning of Al-Habib Umar invitation to move to the village Huraidhah rejected his father, but after they asked for the opinion of Al-Habib Hamid and Al-Habib Hussein, the two teachers he told Al-Habib Abdul Rahman to follow the wishes of Al-Habib Umar. Both said: “O Abdul Rahman, go with Umar, and follow and catch hold of his opinions, even if you are the father and his son”. So Al-Habib Abdul Rahman said to his son: “O Umar, that now we want to follow you think, then do what is best for us”. Subsequently, the whole family of Al-Habib Umar leave Lisk towards the village of Al-Huraidhah. When the group arrived at the village Manwab, then Al-Habib Umar said: “Should you proceed to Huraidhah, because I wanted to stop in a place my wife in this village”. The group then went on his way to the village of Al-Huraidhah, while the Al-Habib Umar stopped and settled in the village Manwab for one week.

Al-Habib Abdul Rahman father of Al-Habib Umar’s began to feel ill on arrival in the village he Huraidhah, and since his arrival sick, so he was afraid that his end, while Habib Umar nothing in his hand, so when Al-Habib Umar arrived , then he rebuked Al-Habib Umar, but Al-Habib Umar asking why and apologize profusely for the delay, so that his father would forgive him.

And the pain that caused the death arrives, Al-Habib Abdul Rahman fear that Al-Habib Umar did not pay attention to his brothers who are still smaller than other mothers, because he knew his step mother Al-Habib Umar did not love him as generally women. At the time of his father worried about it, then Al-Habib Umar who know for Khasaf, so he approached his father and he said: “O my father, quietly do you think about your family, Insya Allah I will love my brothers more than love myself “. Then the heart of Al-Habib Abdul Rahman became excited and he prayed for Habib Umar virtue, especially at that time, he was watching the afterlife, of the prayer of a father for his pious pious too, will be the same as the prayer of the Prophet for his people, especially Al-Habib Abdul Rahman when it is sick, Prophet once said: “If you visit those who are sick, then ask for prayer for you”. Al-Habib Umar fulfill his promise to his father and he was very attentive to the needs of his brothers, especially in terms of education and maintenance.

Death of father Al-Habib Umar

He died after eight days of arriving in the village of Al-Huraidhah. Al-Habib Umar busy preparing his father’s body care, then he told aides Mahmud al-Najar to vote for his father’s grave. When Mahmud entered in the cemetery of Al-Huraidhah, then he get there a light beam irradiated soil sky, then that’s where Al-Habib Abdul Rahman was buried.

Al-Habib Umar diligently visited the grave of his father, not even a single day, he never forgot it. On a day of Al-Habib Umar said: “When I did not visit the grave of my father for a few days, then I see my father in a dream is furious at me because I did not make pilgrimage to him for a few days, I saw the bodies, he becomes large, so I find it hard to shake hands with him because of his height bodies “.

The close relationship between Al-Habib Umar Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al-Afif

Before the Al-Habib Umar arrived in the village of Al-Huraidhah, then the people are very confident to sainthood Al-Masyaikh elders of the family of Al-Afif. On one day, residents asked to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al-Afif, a guardian and leading pious, to invoke rain water for villagers Huraidhah. Then they went out to a tomb guardian, incidentally at the time of Al-Habib Umar was new in the village and is still not known, so that the population does not tell him to pray with them and they would not tell to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Afif the about the presence of Al-Habib Umar, until after they make a prayer to invoke the rain, then there is talk about the existence of Al-Habib Umar, then Sheikh Abdullah said to them: “Why do not you tell me about the existence of Al-Habib Umar, may prayer you will not be accepted and rain water will not go down “. Sheikh Abdullah then immediately left, then came Habib Umar to apologize. Al-Habib Umar said: “O Sheikh Abdullah, this village is the village of you and me in this village only newly arrived foreigners”. Sheikh Abdullah said: “Not so, O my lord, even this village is yours and I do not have any right after the hosts were here”.

Al-Habib Isa Bin Muhammad Al Habsyi said: “Indeed, Al-Habib Umar has a close relationship with Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al-Afif. And Sheikh Abdullah had said to him: “Indeed, Huraidhah is our village, but we leave it to you”. Mentioned that Sheikh Abdullah never ask for clothes (Libas) from Al-Habib Umar, then he said: “The amount of your love, it is enough”.

In both chapters in the book A’raas Taajul mentioned, that Al-Habib Ahmad Bin Hassan Al-Atthas never mentions the story of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al-Afif: “In the village Huraidhah, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Afif has a palm garden, when Al-Habib Umar arrived in the village, then Sheikh Abdullah vowed to give it to the palm gardens of Al-Habib Umar. When it is expressed to Al-Habib Umar, then he said to the residents Huraidhah: “O inhabitants, how do you think about the vows of Sheikh Abdullah?” Answer population Huraidhah: “In our opinion, votive Sheikh Abdullah is true”. Habib Umar replied: “Well, this land I received but I was a present back to you all as a vow of me, then accept the land from me”. There is one among them who said to him: “Why do not you give it to your family?” Said Al-Habib Umar: “Someday my grandson child will have this village all”.

Teachers of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

He studied from people who’ve studied from Sayyidina Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim, especially of his sons, namely Al-Habib Muhdhor Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr and Al-Habib Hamid Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr .

Al-Habib Umar also been studied from Habib Muhammad Bin Abdurrahman Al-Hadi, from Sayyid Umar Ibn Isa Al-Samarkandi Barakwah Al-Maghribi who is buried in the village of Al-Ghurfah. Similarly, Al-Habib Umar often visited Sheikh Al-Kabir Ahmad Ibn Ishaq Ibn Al-Shahal Hainani. In addition, he is very closely related and always visit Habib Abu Bakr Bin Abdurrahman Bin Shihab and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al-Afif and Sheikh Ahmad Bin Abdul Kadir Ba’syin, Sahib Rubath. He also frequently visited Habib Abu Bakr Ibn Muhammad Balfaqih, Sahib Qaidun. In addition, he likes to visit the pious people of Ahlul Bait and of the family of Al-Masyaikh and pious people.

Al-Habib Umar highly exalt and honor his teacher named Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim. Thus also, when Al-Habib Umar heard the name of the teacher who is called the person, then his face changed as teacher glorify this one, even sometimes Al-Habib Umar spoke with Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr in the middle of a ceremony, while both unintelligible speech of others. Sheikh Ali Bin Abdillah Baraas said: “Al-Habib Umar said, one day I went to Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim with intent to mudzakarah about tariqah tasawwuf, happened when the Al-Habib Hussein was in the middle of council members of his learn. Then he said: “O Umar, someone who does not understand the gesture, then he will not be able to take advantage of like the light and who explain the words that are clear with words more clearly, sometimes it can add to hearing more more confused “. Furthermore, Al-Habib Umar said: “Arise fear in my heart that my teacher said words after words were deliberately aimed at me”.

Al Habib Umar respect his teacher namely Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Bin Salim, he even more favor Al-Habib Umar from his brothers and his friends. Al-Habib Hussein never stand to honor people, as well as for Al-Habib Umar, it is nothing but due to the high position of Habib Umar.

On a day of Al-Habib Umar with a group of leaders Alawiyin come to Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim, at the time of Al-Habib Umar is the only one of the most humble and simplest ang wear, plus again both eyes can not see. When Al-Habib Hussein Al-Habib Umar saw was in the back of the group, the Al-Habib Hussein changed his face, then he said to the people who are leading from the group: “Surely you just prefer the outward appearance, and you do not want to glorify the most noble in proper position, when you know the glory of this man, namely Al-Habib Umar, certainly the position you are nothing, you will necks bow and spirit as well as the bodies you’ll miss him “. Then he mentioned the virtues of Al-Habib Umar that causes them to feel how small he was respectively “.

Pedigree isnad Al-Habib Umar in receiving Hirqah

Al-Habib Umar received a shawl hirqah of Al-Habib Hussein Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim, while he received it from his brother Sheikh Omar Al-Muhdhor, he received of his father, namely Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim, Ainat Sahib, he received it from Syihabudin Sheikh Ahmad Bin Abdurrahman, he received it from his father, Sheikh Abdurrahman Bin Ali, he received it from his father, Sheikh Ali Bin Abu Bakr, he received it from his father, Sheikh Abu Bakr Sakran, he received it from his father, Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Kabir As-Seggaf, he received it from his father, namely Sheikh Muhammad Mauladawilah, he accepted it dai father, Sheikh Ali Bin Alawi, he received it from his father, Sheikh Al-Faqih Alwi Bin Muqaddam, he received it from his father, Al-Al-Faqih A’dzam Ustadzul Al -Muqaddam Sayyidina Muhammad Ibn Ali Ba’alawi.

The source attribution Al-Hirqah and pedigree isnads for Sheikh Al-Faqih Al-Muqaddam from two lanes, one of the fathers of the path he is educated and he received it from his father, Ali Bin Muhammad and of his uncle, Alawi Bin Muhammad, both received from his father Muahmmad Syahib Mirbath, he received it from his father, Ali Khali Qasam, he received it from his father, Alawi Sahib Samal, he received it from his father, Ubaidillah, he received it from his father, Al-Imam Ahmad Bin Isa Muhajir, he received it from father, Isa an-Naqib, he received it from his father, Muhammad, he received it from his father, Ali Al-Uraidhi, he received it from his father, Al-Imam Ja’far as-Shoddiq, he received it from his father, Al-Imam Muhammad al Baqir, he received it from his father, Ali Zainal Abidin, he received it from his father, Al-Imam Al-Hussein and of his uncle Al-Imam Al-Hassan, both received from his grandfather Prophet Muhammad, also from his father Al-Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib while the Prophet received it from God as he has said:

“I was taught by my Lord and he educate me with the best of education”.

The second track is received by Sayyidina Al-Faqih Al-Muqaddam Thoriqoh Syuai’biyah namely through Shoaib Sheikh Abu Madyan Al-Maghribi through Abdurrahman Al-Muq’ad and Abdullah As-Salih. While Shoaib Sheikh Abu Madyan Ya’izza receive from Syeikh Abu Al-Maghrabi, he received it from Syeikh Abul Hasan Bin Herzihim or known by the name of Abu Harazim, he received it from Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abdillah Bin Arabi and Al-Ghadi Al-Mughafiri. While Bin Al-Arabi received it from Syeikh Al-Islam Imam Hujjatul Ghozali, he received it from his teacher, Imam Al-Haramain Abdul Malik Bin Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Juaini, he received it from his father, Abu Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Bin Yusuf, he received it from Sheikh Abu Talib al-Makki, he received it from Syeikh Shibli, he received it from Syeikh Al-Junaid, he received it from his uncle, the As-As-Sirri Siqthi, he received it from Syeikh Ma’ruf al-Karkhi, he received it from his teacher, Sheikh Daud At-Tho’i, he received it from Sheikh Habib Al-‘Ajmi, he received it from Imam Hasan Al-Basri, he accepted it from Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, he received it from the Prophet Muhammad, he received it from the angel Gabriel, and he receive from Allah Ta’ala.

Sanad acceptance of talqin sentence for Al-Habib Umar

Al-Habib Umar accept talqin phrase La ilaha Illallah Muhammadarraulullah of Sheikh Al-Arif Billah Assyarif Umar Bin Isa Al-Samarqandi Barakwah Al-Maghrabi.

Sheikh Ahmad Bin Abdul Qadir Ba’syin Rubath Sahib said: “Sheikh Omar Barakwah told us that talqin dhikr branches up to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani, while Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani receive talqin remembrance of four hundred teachers and teachers the teacher his sanad continued until Sayyidina Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib, all experts talqin dhikr concatenated with the Prophet Muhammad. The situation is the same as the link between the closely intertwined with each other, so that if the chain of existing bottom-driven, then the chain is in most ataspun will move, and vice versa. It is due to the close link between the one with the other, as well as linkages Nasab Ahlul Bait, intertwined with each other closely. Praise be to God who makes them good role models for us and we also link closely with those still “. Al-Hakim narrated from Saddad Bin Aus, he said:” When we were on the side of the Prophet, then he said:

“Lift up your hands and say ” Lailaha illallaah “. Once we do that, the Prophet SAW said: “O Allah, You sent me to deliver this Tawheed and pledged sentence and you will give to one who chants heaven and you will not deny an appointment. Furthermore, he said: “Cheer up you because God has mercy on you”.

Manners of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas known as an Alim, Amil, Quthub, Ghauts, a prominent Sufi saint, like fulfilling a promise, Murabbi, Rabbani, Preachers, like to invite people to the path of God with a clean view and manners sublime, he gathered knowledge and unseen. He was known as the protector of the poor and the widows and orphans. He always welcoming and encouraging poor people, they glorified and seated on a glorious place, so they really love him. He is well known to the widest range of innumerable beristiqad with him, and has a very high position, he was very humble ‘and humbled himself because he felt watched over by God. He always told people to be patient, especially if the trials and disasters are befalling. He was very patient to perform acts of worship.

Al-Habib Umar He never slept in the last half of the night, he never spent the night to repeat the prayer readings Qunut.

He likes sympathize poor people and women who can not afford. He was very patient in dealing with various crises, he never boasted to one, he would sit at any place regardless of the place is good or bad and he never put himself in a higher or a prominent place, if he left his council because there is hunger, then when he returned to his seat and he found his seat was occupied by someone else, then he will look for another seat. He never approached the authorities.

He always followed the footsteps of his trip earlier elders, leaders such Ba’alwi trip taken by Hadrat Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad Ibn Ali Ba’alwi, Sheikh As-Seggaf, Alaidrus, Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim and figures from other figures. Thoriqah they prefer the shut down, humble ‘, not to indulge the passions, gentle, do not want to be known especially prominent themselves, because they feel that they themselves are not going to be a good person but only by the grace and mercy of God. These properties still followed by their descendants, especially the trustees have accrued, knowledge and love of virtue and worship deeds. Anyway Al-Habib Umar always follow in the footsteps of the pious elder, he always follows the noble manners as manners of the Prophet.

“And verily thou upon the manners of the great”.

If he increased the frequency of worship are mandatory and Sunnah, then he followed what was mentioned by Imam Ghazali in Rub’ul Worship in the Ihya ‘. Similarly, if he wants to follow the sunnah and improve intentions and motivations, then he followed what was explained by Imam Ghazali in Indigenous Rub’ul in Ihya ‘. As if he wanted to stay away from the manners and behavior that is not good, then he followed what his council by Imam Ghazali in his book Rub’ul Muhlikat in Ihya‘. As if he wanted to follow the moral diredhai by God, then he will follow what is explained by Imam Ghazali in Rub’ul Munjiyat in Ihya ‘and another to seek additional information from other books.

He was always happy and smiling to all people, both for small children as well as adults, to every man feels himself as his kin. He always welcomed everyone according to their respective needs and patient though he faced many problems from them, everyone loved and be cared by him, he likes intestate to delight small children, he said: “If you can not please children small to give something, then give it to them even though a red gravel, so that they rejoice. “.

He likes grant requests and love endure the hardship of people in the hope that it can be fun family man who was helping it. Sometimes he forced himself to go to their homes, so that none of his students who told him, that he had elderly, because the elderly and it is pretty damning, but he answered: “We went to their homes, to benefit and usefulness them and we hope from God, so that every house that we enter God will forgive the occupants of the house “.

If there are two people came to the council of Al-Habib Umar, then he ask to both, who among older, once notified to him, then he let the older seated at the right hand of his younger are invited to sit on the left so that he can honor his age. According to respectively, then both pleased and be delighted with the tremendous excitement, then he spoke with both of them according to their thinking abilities of each. His morals are like that cause everyone bowled to him and his character is often called.

Al-Habib Umar often visited Wadi Al-Qasar Amed and to invite residents to the path of Allah and to unite people in the dispute between them. For the purposes of this one, he sacrificed a lot of wealth and power. And very patient with those who rampart, he almost never angry, but God’s prohibition underestimated by someone, if it happens, then he is very angry, to be seen of his face.

Al-Habib Umar always encourage people to diligently do deeds of worship and attend the Friday prayer and the group, he always advocated good deeds and prohibiting unjust deeds. He did not want to get into the house that the owner likes to do badness and do not want to attend their invitation, till they are willing to change their habits.

Al-Habib Umar often visited Wadi Dou’an, a habit that he did from the beginning and he never forgo it except at the end. He never visited Wadi Dou’an departed from Al-Lisk with ride camels and accompanied by Al-Faqih Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Al-Asbuhi Bajamal. In a visit to Wadi Dou’an he never visited the Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Ali Ibn al-Nu’man village Hajrain Hajrain, then Sheikh Ahmad joined with him towards Qaidun to visit the tomb of Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Isa Alamudi.

Because the number of travel and trips taken by Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas to preach and to reconcile the people, then he said: “I am in the world is a stranger, it is not required of me doing the Friday prayers in a village was. He prefers ride donkey in most of his time and in his way in the middle of a very hot day. In every way, he always brings the book Ar-Risala by Imam Al-Qushayri in one hand, while on the other hand holding the book Al ‘Awarifu Al Maarif and the books like a fortress for the Sufis “.

Al-Habib Umar always spend time to remembrance  all branches of science, for the purposes of this one, he likes to spend time one full night. Sometimes arrived at dawn, while he was explaining the nature of various kinds of divinity (Hakaik) to his student. Anyway no one of time miss him, but he miss the worship and studying or listening to a reading. Usually if there is a group of people sitting in the evening with him, then he served them, until when they broke up, then he said to Sheikh Ali Baras: “O ‘Ali, is there anyone else besides us?”. If you answered no, then he said: “Give me the book, for we read together”.

Al-Habib Umar never specializes read or teach a particular book. Al-Habib Umar Bin Al-Hussein Atthas said: “One day, I went with my father, my hand holding the reins of his vehicle, while the one hand holding a book, while he delivered to us the various branches of science through his oral, it is like a swift flowing water. When we told him: “Why do not you let us read or studied a book to you?” Then he said: “Accept that you like science is flowing from one container, even without a book”. He said to the teacher: “Teach my children to read the book of papers Syeikh Abu ‘Amr”.

Al-Habib Umar very concerned for his brothers teach young abandoned by his father’s death. In advance we explained that Al-Habib Umar very concerned to teach and educate his brothers were still small, especially to understand the Quran. He encourages them to seek knowledge and love teacher told his brothers to hit them, if they do not pay attention to the lesson.

Even he himself had hit his brother with his own hands, until he managed to read the Koran properly. He had sent his brother Al-Habib Aqeel to Hajrain to learn from Syeikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Umar al-Afif, until finally Al-Habib Aqil able to teach after he returned to the village Huraidhah. Every day Al-Habib Umar mosque committees attending Aqil Al-Habib after returning from religious visit to the grave of his father.

When Al-Faqih Ibn Abdul Kabir Sheikh Abdul Kabir Baqais visit him that when he was still in the learning age, then he said: “Hi, Abdul Kabir name has lived, then revive science”. Speech he told Abdul Kabir for diligent study. With his advice, then Abdul Kabir managed to gain knowledge as much as possible until he was called Al-Faqih. Al-Habib Umar used to notify the birth of Sheikh Abdul Kabir who was still in the womb of his mother, and his father died. When the family will divide the estate of his father, at the time of Al-Habib Umar said: “Indeed, the fetus is in the mother’s womb is a boy, then save part of his estate”. It turns out that what was said by Al-Habib Umar is true.

Al-Habib Umar had signaled to one of his followers, Muhammad Ibn al-Huraidzi Hishn to learn to read the Koran despite advanced age, due to have received blessings from Habib Umar, then he was given the ease by Allah. There was someone if attending to learning in council of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas, then he is much talk, so he interrupted majlis, strangely if held reading a book, then that person drowsy to sleep. Therefore, if one is present, then the Al-Habib Umar said to his companions: “Give me the book and let’s read the book, so that the person is silent because sleepy”.

Al-Habib Umar ordered to issue a charity palm (Rutob) before it becomes dry dates. When it is said that some scholars say that the unauthorized issuing zakat palm before it becomes dry, then Al-Habib Umar said: They that our scholars and clerics, ask the poor, the dates are still wet or dried dates are they like “. Once answered, that they love is dates are still wet, then the opinion of Al-Habib Umar accepted by them and implemented by all the villagers.

Al-Habib Ali Ibn Hussein al-Atthas mentions in his book Taajul A’raas juz 1 p 708, that Al-Habib Umar Ibn Abdurrahman Al-Atthas have disagreed with expert jurisprudence in three issues. First Al-Habib Umar argued to put the corpse in the grave head and if the body was being lowered into the grave should be lowered her legs first. Second, Al-Habib Umar argued that one does not have to intend when he makes his hand as a container for collecting water about to perform ablution (intention I’tiraf) although according to expert opinion Fiqh, that person is required to intend otherwise the water becomes musta’mal. The rationale used by Al-Habib Umar, a man who took the water when they wanted to perform ablutions, then he does not wash his hands into the water, because it does not have to intend. Third, Al-Habib Umar found someone permissible issued zakat palm when it is still wet palm fruit (rutob), although the scholars do not allow such a way, the reason Habib Umar is still wet palm fruit is preferred that the poor, rather than dried palm fruit.

Also mentioned Al-Habib Umar recommends people do pray unseen after Friday prayers finished. The time is after the priest shut his pray with greetings and after dhikr, it was announced to perform supernatural prayer for those who have died of all Muslims. This kind of tradition is still being done villagers Huraidhah and other villages who had heard fatwa Al-Habib Umar.

Al-Habib Umar like to hear qashidah Al-Habib Abdullah Ibn Alwi Al-Haddad, the beginning of the stanza is: If this qasidah echoed by someone in front of Habib Umar, then he’s like telling people to repeat it, because he was thrilled and amazed qasidah it.

After Al-Habib Umar died, then Al-Habib Abdullah Ibn Al-Haddad Alwi send someone to visit the tomb of Al-Habib Umar and told him to read qasidah mentioned above were in the tomb of Al-Habib Umar. When the man did what was ordered by Al-Habib Abdullah Ibn Al-Haddad Alwi, then he fell asleep for a moment, then suddenly there is a piece of bread that is still warm in her lap. Available when he awoke he was surprised by the presence of two slices of bread be faced, after being around him, it turns out no one was near, so he believes that the two pieces of bread it was the intercession of the Al-Habib Umar as a sign that read qasidah that have been heard by Al-Habib Umar and his pilgrimage come true. Then the piece is eaten while the piece again distributed to the children. Al-Habib Umar and his teacher, Al-Habib Hussein Ibn Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim forbid people to smoke cigarettes and forbid it.

Al-Habib Umar like telling people to improve irrigation practices and fields. He is very pleased with those who like to irrigate their fields and he always prayed for their virtues, but he was not pleased with those who are lazy to put an end to their fields.

Al-Habib Umar always advise people to diligently planting palm trees. In the village of Al-Qasar Reliable and produce a lot of dates. due to frequent Al-Habib Umar encourage people to plant it. Usually he advised to provide within ten steps or fifteen steps between a palm tree with the other.

Many of the gifts that flow to Al-Habib Umar, but he does not want to accept it, but only a fraction thereof. Even if there is someone who gives nadzar palm trees to him, so he sometimes rejected. He did not want to accept the gift of a rule, if there is a ruler to give a gift or gifts to him or that has to do premises rulers, so he always turned them down by a sweet and smooth.

Al-Habib Umar always submissive and willing to anything desired by God. Al-Habib Umar always simple in a way dressed, eat drink and place of residence. He likes to wear white clothes rugged, woven in the country, not made of India. He never wear black, apart from when the son of his death, but he also wore white and red clothes to show he was not difficult for the death of his son. When asked, why he was dressed so, then he said: “Surely the devil told us to show a sense of difficulty, but we reject that he be disappointed”.

Usually if Al-Habib Umar was given a gift of fine white cloth, then use it as a pedestal he sat on his ride until it looked Damaged cloth. Usually when he was rewarded with a dress too long part of his hand, then he cut it to the extent of the palm of the hand. It is because he is imitating life traces of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib who always cut off the hands palms up to the limit.

If Al-Habib Umar wanted to build a house, so he has asked the architect to awaken the bathroom in front of his house so that people who see it will understand, how vile the life of the world that always they received it, when he architec has finished building the walls of his house, then he was ushered into the building. After measuring the height of the building he felt had enough, so he told him to build the roof. The location of his house at the top of the village. When villagers asked for consideration Huraidhah him, where his house to be built, so he has asked them to build a house at the top of the village near the house of Sheikh Ali Ibn Salamah Basahil. Because he is very closely related to Sheikh Salamah known as the guardian of the wara‘, a worship and a very close relationship with Al-Habib Umar, so Al-Habib Umar often visited her. Al-Habib Umar said: “If I’m not afraid of fire, would I be happy in a hut”.

He was not overly concerned about food, he would eat anything that gets easily, not infrequently he starve if there is no provision that ate. Mentioned that on a night-law wife of Hussein, he does not provide dinner for Al-Habib Umar, because he thinks that Al-Habib Umar had dinner at home Salim, son. Likewise, the wife of Salim did not prepare dinner for Al-Habib Umar, because he thinks that Al-Habib Umar has been eating at home Hussein. Incidentally night aides came out with a piece of bread to eat the cow, so he took the majority, saying: “This is my supper”. Al-Habib Umar simply said: “Dates and cucumbers are better than porridge halal goat (harisah) which subhat“.

On a day when he visited Wadi ‘Amed, then he stopped at the house of one of his followers in the village. The villagers were happy to accept the presence of Al-Habib Umar, so they make porridge asidah for him. When the villagers were still busy making porridge asidah, one of the daughters of them came with a plate of food for him, he was just a little bribe. Not long after the porridge prepared asidah villagers had been completed, then they serve it to the presence of Al-Habib Umar, but he is not the least of porridge asidah feed it, so they asked him to taste it, but he rejected it with a smooth, saying: “There was a princess who brought food fruit chinese lote me, I have to eat a little and it I had enough sense “. This story is one proof of the simplicity of Al-Habib Umar in terms of food.

Nature posture of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Al-Habib Ali Ibn Hassan Al-Atthas ever mention of Al-Habib Abu Bakr Ibn Muhammad Bafaqih, Qoidun Sahib, about the nature of self-Al-Habib Umar as follows: “Al-Habib Umar Body of medium, handsome face, his beard wide, if a look at him, then he will see the authority and the fragrant smell of him “.

Al-Habib Umar fond of wearing perfume. He said: “From the size of the perfume favorite, so I want to present a vessel containing perfume, then I’ll wear it all”. Due to the magnitude of his penchant used a perfume, the fragrant smell of his sweat. On the left gastric Al-Habib Umar was a ring of black color.

Al-Habib Umar as a Sheikh and Murabbi

Al-Habib Umar is a Sheikh, a murabbi and a preacher to God in his actions and said he said. Al-Habib Umar once said: “When I was asked to be a preacher, then I reject it for various reasons”. Then said to me: “We will make you a companion and help that will be there with to fulfill your duty”, pointing to Sheikh Ali Baras. So I accepted it and Sheikh Ali Baras will help me and support me “.

Habib Umar said: “Verily the resources to get the light God has not diminished at all for generations to come at the end of time, but they come with a perforated vessels”.

In the beginning, Sheikh Ali Baras busy helping Al-Habib Umar in conveying his message. On a day when Sheikh Ali Baras sitting on the side of Al-Habib Umar, so he asked him: “What book do you have?” Said Sheikh Ali Baras: “The book is in my hands is Bidayatul Hidayah”. Al-Habib Umar said: “Read the book”. Then Sheikh Ali Baras read his sermon. Furthermore, Al-Habib Umar said to Sheikh Ali Baras: “Stop right there, I have given you” diploma “in the field of Shari’a, Tareqat and Essence, it is a diploma awarded received all coincide at the time of prayer”.

Habib Isa Ibn Muhammad Al-Habsyi said: “Usually if someone comes with good intentions to Al-Habib Umar, then he will receive all complaints and menghormatnya to reveal sacred, noble qualities like these that good intentions and beliefs strong rarely owned by other guests and sanctity he seldom seen except a really obediently, good intentions and strong sound belief “.

Sheikh Ali Baras once told Al-Habib Umar: “Although you often visit the Wadi ‘Amed and other villages, but strangely not many are guided by the fact of you, and I’m sure that if an indigent meet with you for sure he would become Muslims “. Al-Habib Umar replied: “If I meet a heart like you, of course I can deliver it to God in the shortest period of time, but I find people who only talk about:” Habib will go, Habib will come “. In other words do not have the preparation and confidence in him “.

Mentioned that one day there was a student came to him with the intention to appeal the decision from him. Before the disciples tell him what is in his heart, so in a way he kasyaf answer what will be asked by the disciples: “O people, most human beings should abandon what he had to do, no one can come to me unless you want to inquire about mundane problems such as rainmaking, want a child or ask for opinions, but every student who comes to me with good intentions to get the problems that noble, surely he will get virtues that he wanted “.

There was a pious of the inhabitants of a village Hadzyah named Ahmad Ibn Abdillah Bajusair, he was a teacher of the Koran for small children. Usually if villagers Syibam pilgrimage to the place of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas, then they stopped in the village Hadzyah and will pass through the house’s teacher of the Koran, as well as when they come home from his place. At one time, the teacher said to one of the nearby: “I see Syibam resident who went to the Al-Habib Umar in a state of a particular face, and they go home with a different face of the face before. Why is that? “When the speech teacher of the Koran was delivered to Al-Habib Umar, then he said:” Say to him, sometimes human duties as teacher of the Koran like you, sometimes an educator, whether he did not understand that I like crocodiles, their eggs on land and he remained at sea and maintaining enough eggs with a view “.

Al-Habib Ahmad Ibn Hashim Al-Habsyi said: “Formerly I and As-Sayyid Abdullah Al-Haddad frequent visits to Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas, not long, then Al-Habib Abdullah received divine radiance (Futuh) before I got it , so my interest to him is reduced. When I stir my situation to Habib Umar, then he faces me and pray me to get like that found Al-Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad. So since then I will get a divine radiance.

Al-Habib Abdurrahman Ibn Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas said: “When I came out of the village Ahrum, then I met a wandering Darweesh being. At that time he was about to cross the street. When I saluted him, then he said, welcome O so and so. He called my name and he showed his delight with me even though I’ve never met him at an earlier time. I asked him, how do you know my name, even though you have never been acquainted with me? “The man replied:” How did I not know you, in case you are the son of our teacher, Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas. Surely your father often came to our country are unseen and his name is better known in our area than anywhere you “.

Habib Ahmad Ibn Hussein Ibn ‘Umar said: “I’ve been told by someone who I do not doubt the honesty that he had met with a Darweesh of Sind country in Africa who said:” Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas frequent visits to the country our in Sind to teach us Sufism and science Tareqat and he is widely known in our country “.

Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Abdurrahman Ba’ubad said that when he was with Sheikh Ali Baras and thirteen companions came to the Al-Habib Umar, then the first one I saw was his face light very bright, so I do not remember going to my presence, because I see myself him like a brilliant pearl white, and his face emits a bright light, then the resulting desire not to be parted from him all my life. We had settled in his place for a few days. When he gave us permission to go home to our village, so he said to me: “O my son, the place and the fountain and the trip is only one kind, whoever wants separates me from Sheikh Ali Baras, then he will not make a profit “.

Al-Habib Abdullah Ibn Al-Haddad Alwi said: “When I visited the Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas, then I saw in him, the existence of the properties contained in the elders of his up on themselves Prophet”.

Habib Isa Ibn Muhammad Al-Habsyi and the other billah wise, many said that the personal circumstances of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas and follow-up is much different from the other guardian figures. Although the circumstances and his position is very high, but he was more than happy to humble, gentle, warm-hearted to everyone and a very high morals in which very few people have a certain character like him.

When mentioning the nature of Al-Habib Umar, Ibn Ahmad Habib Zein Al-Habsyi said: “Many of his comrades who received the virtue of Al-Habib Umar, many people who become his disciples and many were receiving talkin dhikr and receive khirqoh from him “.

The books are been booked by Habib Umar Al-Atthas to learn

·          Az Zubad papers Syeikh Ibn Ruslan.

Habib Umar always send our children to memorize the book nadzom Zubad.

·          Bidaayatul Hidaayah Imam Ghozali papers.

Sheikh Ali Baras never read the book Bidaayatul Hidaayah preamble before Habib Umar, then he gave a diploma to Sheikh Ali Baras so that God may open branches ma’rifat him.

·          Al Minhaaj writings of Imam Nawawi.

Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Umar Ba’ubaid said: “When I visited the place Habib Umar, he said to me:” I’ve read the book Al-Irshad, writing Sheikh Ismail Al-Muqri “. Then he said to Sheikh Ali Baras: “O Ali, read him the book of Al-Minhaaj, papers Imam Nawawi and also read the book to your companions, because the book is a blessing and give futuh, Insha-Allah, because the constituent a Trustee Qutub and he prayed for each reader, may be blessed “.


·          Ar Risalah papers and Awarifu Qushayri Imam Al-Maarif writings of Imam Al-Saharwurdi. Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas always read both books wherever he goes. Said he: “Ar treatise and Al-Awarif and books seemed very important to read, because both include suppliers spiritual nourishment for experts Tasawwuf”.

Feel self-sufficient of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

He is known to be very wara‘. He did not want to ever receive any gift from the ruler, do not ever want to be invited to eat and drink, to any just having coffee with the ruling, he even refused charcoal fuel that comes from the ruler. Acts against the rejection of the Sultanate of Badr Ibn Abdillah Al-Katsiri when it comes to visit him, someday I will mention in a separate chapter. He did not want to eat from giving people a way bussines usury ‘. There is a visit him in Wadi Amed, then he is welcome to stop at the home of a family Basulaib, while they do not want to give the inheritance for daughters, then stroked refused to stop and he said: “How am I going to stop at the home of the do not want to give the inheritance to his daughters? Yet God told gave the Quran, Allah says: “God ordained for you about the division of inheritance for your children, which is part of a boy together with part two daughters”.

The man said: “Starting from today, I will give inheritance for daughters”. Then Habib Umar would stop at that house and he prayed for the man’s family, so they were given a blessing and happiness “.

At a time when he visited the home of a family in the village Basuwaid Anaq. Then he met with an over whelming response, and he was given a pumpkin. He asked: “Where did you get this pumpkin?” The man replied: “I plucked from a garden belonging to endowments”. He said he: “Well, we are not allowed to eat from the garden which has a present (waqf), because the garden has a present it belongs to all Muslims”. The man said: “From now on I am no longer willing to eat from the garden which has diwakafkan, and how the results that I have eaten in earlier times?” Habib Umar said: “To redeem the past, then take care of the garden , then share the results for the Muslims “. So since then, the garden has diwakafkan it started as possible “.

Habib Umar did not want to accept the will of a property unless he has explain really about willing heirs. At one time there was a woman who willed most of her jewelry worth three Uqiyah. When she died the property owner, the property which will was given to him, but he would not accept it until after clarifying the pleasure of the heirs of the will treasure “.

Mentioned by Sheikh Ali Ibn Salim Al-Junaid, that his father named Salim never borrowed a donkey for vehicles to drive Habib Umar who would go to the village Lahrum. Surprisingly, when she reached the middle of the journey, the donkey stopped and sat in the desert, when the air is very hot at that time. Sheikh Salim said: “I’m almost at this ass, but he stopped me and said that the owner is not willing he ass beaten”. Then he said: “Hold her head and I’ll help you, so he goes”. Similarly, when the donkey was strike back, then Salim was about to hit him, but he turned it down, and he helped her to get her to walk “.

And if it had been entered at prayer time, while the imam was near him, then he drove and said: “Go thou to become a priest, you are not permitted to sit here, if your duties as a priest the time has come”.

Sense of humble Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Al-Habib Abdullah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad said: “That man (Al-Habib Umar) that his tree planted on the basis of humble and gentle, so stems like it too”. It shows both the nature of his character.

Al-Habib Abdullah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad said: “When we visited the village of Habib Umar Huraidhah into place, we saw Habib Umar to be very humble ‘, none of the big guys who can keep his temper like that. Once tawadhu his temperament, despite his high position, till he can not be distinguished by comrades other seat. In the middle his council, he does not sit in a special place, do not wear special clothes, so he is no different with his friends sitting others. When you wake up because there is hunger and seat occupied others, belaiu not angry and did not tell him to move, he even sit somewhere else, until I once said: “It would not politely you against this priest”.

At one time, residents Syibam scrambling to shake hands with him, a man who when he saw the simplicity of Habib Umar and sense of humble clothes, then he said: “A man like this, we are in the Tarim not invited to shake hands with him”. When the speech was heard by Habib Umar, then he said: “It is inappropriate words, because that is in the Tarim only people face-face like the moon”. He repeated many times.

On a day when people come to a place Habib Umar to congratulate him on the birth of his child, while the population of the city was no one comes, they are the ones who rampart and leave at prayer and Friday, then there one of the villagers who heard that Habib Umar had a son, and he said ass have children, a speech mocking and very inappropriate. Hearing ridicule him, Habib Umar was not angry, even Habib Umar went to that house with his seven friends. His arrival makes it very joyful person, so that he became very amazed to his gentle manners. Habib Umar’s visit on Friday morning. When Habib Umar was about to come out, so he asked the man and his friends who did not want to attend Friday prayers: “Why did you not attend Friday prayers, but have nice clothes and fragrant smell?” They replied: “are we allowed to attend Friday prayers to wear nice clothes and fragrant?” Habib Umar replied: “No”. Then they go out together to attend Friday prayers with feeling happy and satisfied because of the character and behavior of Habib Umar.


A Benefactor of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Habib Umar Al-Atthas known as a very cheap hand, so the house is always flooded with all walks of life who need his help. A benefactor of Habib Umar never distinguished people, everyone likened his ministry, he’s either indigent or high-ranking officials. Habib Umar particularly concerned to feed people, so ordered aides to keep some of the crops for later when coming famine. So if there are people who need help, surely their needs can be met. Although the magnitude of a benefactor Habib Umar, but he never brag in front of the weak. His always provide services to vulnerable people with compassion, so they never shame to him. Similarly, Habib Umar never force myself to entertain his guests, his sometimes poor, serve him meat when he had it. Sometimes his ruler, serve him sober, even he prefers the weak from the ruler. This is evident in his treatment of the Sultan Ibn Muhammad Al-Badr Katsiri. That he did so deliberately did not feel in the heart of the Sultan that he needed the help of the Sultan or want to get closer to him.

Sometimes if there are people distinguished visiting him, while he does not have a proper meal was served for them. But he did not hesitate to request assistance or loans to slaughter a goat for dinner guests who regarded it, so they are not disappointed when the tribute or the cuisine is considered insufficient.

Al-Habib Umar as told by his son, Al-Habib Abdullah always leave or keep a portion of the annual harvest for the famine, although most people do not pay attention to this. Therefore, if a lot of people who beg food aid at his home when the famine comes, then it is not surprising because he has long been preparing to face a food crisis like that. In the current food crisis has engulfed his people, then he is helping people who need food. Among them, there are each time fed directly at his home, but there are also sent food to their homes, especially for families who can not ask someone for help, but the famine that forced them to look for help and also to strengthen the friendship.

Sometimes, there are a number of guests who came to his home at the end of the night, and he welcomed them with hospitality. Usually when there are guests at the end of the night, he woke his wife to prepare dinner for guests who arrive late in the evening, sometimes he kept most dinner, perhaps preparatory guests come. Usually if the staple food running low, so he and his family would not eat staple. He and his family choosing food substitute, being the staple food given to other people who need it, especially for the guests who come to his house. If the staple food is completely discharged, then he gave food in any form without shame.

Habib Umar was not happy effacing him

Habib Umar was known as a man who always conceal their features and perseverance of worship. Similarly, Habib Umar always bequeath it to his students.

Habib Umar like seclusion from society. Said he: “Highlighting self is a disease that does not exist his drug”.

A pupil he ever saw Habib Umar sat where solatnya separately. When he was asked: “Why is he in exile?” He said: “I retreated because people were always close to me”.

Habib Ali Bin Hasan Al-Atthas Thabarani narrated that Anas said that said: “I came to the Prophet and I get something he thrust both hands”. I said: “O Messenger of Allah, may what were you push with these hands?” His Word: “I was visited by the world then I throw away from me”.

One of the signs of displeasure Habib Umar to present themselves weak and faint sign is when he visited a village and he lived in the village for three days or more or less than that amount, but kedatngan he was almost unknown to the villagers that he visit , but only the owner of the house that he flown and nearby neighbors. In general, he likes to walk in the hot sun or in a very hot noon time, and he does not like the company of others, but aides. When he arrived at a village, so he deliberately chose a stop at a house that will not be known crowds.

Propagation movement Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Habib Umar once said: “When I was asked to move in the field of da’wah, then I propose a variety of reasons to explain the inability to do so”. Then told me: “We will support you in carrying out the duties of this proselytizing with a very able to perform this task. Then Sheikh Ali Baras seconded to me “.

Due to the frequent trips he did for preaching and reconcile people, until he said: “Due to the many trips that I did for preaching, until I became immigrants (foreign) until Friday prayers obligation not obliged to me”. Because he is always in a state of the traveler.

Al-Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad said: “Actually we wanted to visit the tombs and countries, but we are hampered by the love and man’s dependence on us. We wanted to like Habib Umar Ibn Abdurrahman Al-Atthas, because his many visits to various places, for preaching unaccompanied by other people.

Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad said also: “In the year 1071 H, precisely Monday, 21 Jumadil Akhir, when we visited the place Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas, so we asked to be alone with him without being followed. When the request was granted by Habib Umar and he blessed with everything that I do, he advises me to preach specifically or in general regardless of greeting the crowds “.

Habib Umar always actively preaching, telling the good and forbid what is wrong with a gentle manner, and are nurturing people, so many people who love and in love with him. Not a few people who rebelled and sinned weakly influenced by the softness of his proselytizing, so that they repent and become those who obey God. He promotes attend Friday prayers in congregation and prayer. In addition, the various branches of pious deeds were encouraged in society. By the time he reached the village Huraidhah for the first time, he find a lot of stupid people, defiant, rude, do not like mutual help and do not want the congregation and pray on friday. Habib Umar diligently took them to the path of Allah. Habib Umar never force people to do good, but to seduce them with interesting ways, so that eventually the villagers Huraidhah into humans virtuous character smooth and welcoming.

One of the ways to attract Habib Umar used to attract the hearts of the people is often visited their homes and gather in their homes, until they love the way he used leh. However, he did not hesitate to advise them when there are forbidden deeds committed by them, for example the story listed above advice he would give to a Basuid that presents a pumpkin that arise in the garden belonging to endowments. Including his gentleness toward people who say ass also have children, when people congratulate him on the birth of his son, which they do not want to perform Friday prayers. Until they want to attend Friday prayers and those interested in interesting ways of Habib Umar.

Against those who openly defy the law of God, then he is rude to them. Among them is he does not want to stop at the home of a family who does not want to give Bashalib inheritance for their daughters: “When they ask, then he said:” How am I going to visit a house that does not want to give the right of inheritance for daughters -putrinya? “So with Habib Umar’s firmness, they express repentance, and finally he would visit their home.

As against those who do not no use in ways that gentle, maa he is rude and angry very angry. It viewpoint was seen as unwilling to enter their homes, they would not attend the invitation, so many who repent in his hand.

It also said that Habib Umar refuse eat dishes served at the home of a property that does not separate from the results of licit and illicit, in particular from the proceeds of usury ‘. Mentioned that one day, Habib Umar invited to eat at a house whose owners are a bit much rather eat proceeds of usury ‘. When the meal was served and guests including Syeikh Habib Umar and Ali Baras are welcome to eat. When it Habib Umar felt that the dish was no retreat illegitimate.

Then he told Sheikh Ali Baras about it. Then they leave the banquet without eating a bite of food that was served was so homeowners wondering about why. Habib Umar said: “In your food there are treasures that are not kosher”. Then the owner of the house crying and said: “If people who either do not want to eat my food, so I was the most ugly”. Then declare repentance in front of Habib Umar and he promised not to levy property of the results of usury ‘again.

Mentioned that one day Habib Habib Umar attending Aqil mosque committees, his brother, his father returning from a pilgrimage. When there is a rich man who loved the treasure usury ‘give milk coffee treats to the pilgrims. When Habib Umar felt that the coffee is presented that there are elements of illicit then he said: “Lift up your coffee, we can not drink it because you like to receive usury treasure ”. Habib Umar was very angry with the man stood up angrily and against Habib Habib Umar so pray for that person. Premises of God’s permission, he was ill and died shortly afterwards. Habib Ali Bin Hasan Al-Atthas: “Since he appeared to oppose God of the two sides, the one with the treasure usury ‘which he ate. Allah says: “So know God and His Messenger will be fought” And because he opposed the guardians of God, as mentioned in the Hadith Qudsi:

A guardian against me and I will fight “

At the end of the age when Habib Umar Friday prayers in the village Nafhun, he sat at the door of the mosque. Then he gave good lecture and warned the audience of inhabitants of hell. God because they asked to increase the frequency of their worship and their devotion and forbid what is causing the wrath of God. Afterwards he said: “Do I have delivered the message of God?” Answer the audience: “Yes”. Then he said: “O Allah, watch their testimony”.

At that time there was a disciple named him Sheikh Abdul Kabir Baqais who said: “As if Habib Umar give final advice”.

Mentioned by Sheikh Ali Ibn Salim al-Junaid, that his father named Salim never borrowed a donkey for vehicles to drive Habib Umar who would go to the village Lahrum. Surprisingly, when she reached the middle of the journey, the donkey stopped and sat in the desert, when the air is very hot at that time. Sheikh Salim said: “I’m almost at this ass, but he stopped me and said that the owner is not willing ass beaten”. Then he said: “Hold her head and I’ll help you, so he goes”. Similarly, when the donkey was strike back, then Salim was about to hit him, but he turned it down, and he helped her to get her to walk “.

And if it had been entered at prayer time, while the imam was near him, then he drove and said: “Go thou to become a priest, you are not permitted to sit here, if your duties as a priest the time has come”.

Habib Umar like to reconcile the conflicting

Habib Umar Al-Atthas like to reconcile people who are disputing in order to live the teachings of God who never mentioned God in his word:

“There is no good in most of whispers that tell you except a charity and ordered to do good or to reconcile between people who disagree. Whoever is doing it because hope willing of God, then we will give a great reward “

Mentioned that one day he reconcile in between two Arab tribes tribal dispute. Then each tribe stubborn, so he asked them: “How do you think if one of you is in a valley, can he make it prosperous valley or can he dug himself or reject musih attack alone?”

Responsible both tribes: “I can not”. Habib Umar replied: “Because it’s all of you unite in order to resolve any issues together”. Thanks to Habib Umar’s advice, then they reunited and mutual forgiveness “.

Narrated by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Kabir Baqais: “At a time when Habib Umar called for peace in the Arab tribes gently, then they reject the rough way that he threw beads in between them. With the power of God, prayer beads that change seemed to be a big snake that crawled in between them so as to seek refuge in his presence. Then they ask for forgiveness from Habib Umar and receive calls for peace.

Mentioned that there is a debtor and the creditor complained both to Habib Umar problem. Finally after two reconciled by him, then that gives the debt as long as willing to forgive some of its debts owed would pay off part. Strangely after both out of place Habib Umar, then reneged on an agreement that gives the debt owed earlier so that tells Habib Umar. Habib Umar then angry at the creditor and said: “Later you will be exposed to the disease and will shock the fire as much money numbers that you deny the promise then I will make you die”. Habib Umar greeting fact that God granted, the creditor finally died after he suffered some time.

It also said that some villagers Huraidhah forced to give up his plantation land to the authorities. So the villagers asked for help from Habib Umar to force the authorities to drop their demands that the population Huraidhah. When the authorities want to reject, then Habib Umar threatened to pray for them, so they had to cancel their demands.

Mentioned there are two brothers from a family farm owner Ghanim who do evil to his neighbor about irrigation for gardens. When the brothers were reported to Habib Umar, then they are advised to give the right neighbor, but both refused even against Habib Umar with full brash so Habib Umar said to them: “You shall we enter into a sea of never-edged”. As a result of Habib Umar’s words, one of the brothers had changed his mind so that he attacked his brother, and his brother joined the unconscious so that the two are mutually Draw a sharp weapon, finally stabbing each other until they both died in disgrace.

Habib Umar always think positive

Known by many people that Habib Umar always positive minded and opinion may be a good clue. He saw the eyes of the heart. Because it’s a lot of people who always ask his opinion. For those who follow his opinion and wisdom, then he will be happy. In contrast to those who violate the opinion that he was not a bit of regret and loss. Among his opinion that the benefit is the opinion he gave to Syeikh Muhammad Ibn Hussein al-Huraidhi to memorize the Koran. While he was older and he was given a receipt then ease by God.

Among the opinion he is the Sheikh Muhammad Al-Amiri late-Nahdi to plant palm trees in one place called Dhahirah, but the opinion of Habib Umar was considered weak by most people. Fortunately Sheikh Muhammad Al-Amiri run, so he managed to get a big profit.

Mentioned that Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Said Bamika, owner of the mosque in the city of Al-Aredh Syibam including one of the pious who likes to worship and make lasting friendships with Habib Umar. Sheikh including the rich, but at a decreasing its heyday until he became poor. When he complained to Habib Umar, so he gave instructions to do a good deed. Sheikh Abdullah understand the meaning of the instructions he was, so he dug a well, and he built a mosque on the site. After that, he reported what he did to Habib Umar. With the blessing of Habib Umar, the wealth of Sheikh Abdullah returned to normal.

When residents Syibam asked Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad, where a good prayer in the mosque or in the mosque Bamika Abdullah belongs to someone else, then Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad encourages people to pray in the mosque of Abdullah Bamika because the mosque was built on the instructions of a guardian of God, namely Habib Umar Al-Atthas.

It also said that when most of the population of the tribe came to Habib Umar Nahdi about the length of the season heat in their village, until their date palm orchards many dry. Habib Umar encourage them to remain patient in their village, they were forbidden to move to another place, hopefully soon Allah will send rain to their village. Finally, by following the instructions Habib Umar to remain patient, it is not long before Allah sends down water for the villagers, so that irrigation for gardens of dates they run smoothly again as before.

Mentioned that Sheikh Omar Bin Ahmad Al-Hilabi Al-Juaydi always closely linked and fully confident to Ahbib Umar, and never violate his opinion. Therefore Habib Umar pleading to God for the good of Sheikh Omar Al-Hilabi and for his grand children. At a time when this Umar Sheikh Habib Umar stopped in place, then he was welcomed by him. It was just before the harvest season. When he asked permission to leave the place Habib Umar, then he said: “O Umar, if you arrive at your village, then panenlah and take the results kurmamu tree”.

Instructions Habib Umar was carried out as well as possible by Sheikh Omar without a doubt, because of the strong accord against Habib Umar, whereas if the harvest now, then the result will be reduced to village residents loudly rebuke, even among those there who think Syeikh Umar was crazy, luckily he still appreciates the instructions Habib Umar.

A short time later when troops stormed grasshopper palm trees villagers, all results will be harvested by the villagers so that they regret Damaged their fate because they do not get the crop at harvest dates it, while Sheikh Umar had harvest before the army of locusts stormed the plant. So they are aware of the secret instructions Habib Umar and avail follow his opinion. Mentioned that the son of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Ahmad Bin Afif Huraidhah often to the village to visit Habib Umar, because their father was a close friend of Habib Umar.

On one occasion, Sheikh Ma’ruf, son of Sheikh Abdullah Habib Umar stay at home before a few days, he did not want to elsewhere unless they get permission from Habib Umar.

One day when Sheikh Ma’ruf ask permission to leave, then Habib Umar would not allow it, after some time he said good bye again, but Habib Umar rejected it, but he asked for it so many times that he was given permission. After he was somewhat forced, then Habib Umar said: “We hold you to your home in order to avoid charges that will happen alleged theft your village population to your brothers and your family”. So what was said by Habib Umar was indeed the case, so the Sheikh Ma’ruf avoid charges of theft. But not too long alleged theft was drawn by villagers Hajraian, because thieves can actually be immediately arrested.

On a day when he gathered with community leaders of his people, so he advised them to immediately improve water channels used to irrigate their dates. Habib Umar’s advice was carried out by his people even though the month is the holy month of Ramadan. Incidentally after they finished doing that, they go home, it was not long before the flood came, so that water is abundant in shelters that have them fix water.

It added that on a hot summer day and where exceptional drought, suddenly there was an elderly man asked permission to go to Yemen. He had kept their food in the house, no one knew what he was doing. Habib Umar said: “Why are you this afternoon will travel to a place very far away and the journey was very dangerous, but you still keep some groceries in place so secret that no one knows but Allah”.

After hearing the advice and questions from Habib Umar, the old man attack. Not long from it, then he is sick and died, so the amount of food that he hide it so the traveler’s dishes the old man’s body.

Habib Umar’s attitude towards the ruling

Habib Umar was known as a man who is not afraid of the authorities. He likes to advise them despite the advice he sometimes felt bitter by the authorities. And he always refused granting or their dishes, thus was firewood of them he did not want to use it. One day, when the messenger Sultan Badr Al-Badr Katsiri informed that the Sultan would visit him in Huraidhah, then he told me that he would come to the Sultan of where he was, therefore he will ask the Sultan to remain where he now resides. Habib Umar then immediately left and he sent his servant to bring coffee, wood and fire, which was for him to drink coffee in the Sultan, because he does not want to drink any of the Sultan or the property of the ruler. After he was confronted with the Sultan of Badr, then he gave him useful advice about the world and the afterlife. At that time, the Sultan sent his servant Badr coffee mixed with honey and asked to be served to Habib Umar and his entourage. Once cooked for a long time, then the Sultan ordered his aides to his serve immediately before Habib Umar. When the maid to look into where the water is being cooked, he was surprised because in place of water, the water and the honey was not there so he immediately reported to the Sultan of Badr. Reports of the maid was made Sultan Habib Umar Badr realize that very steeper sense of wara’ and he felt that the water was exhausted due to the large coffee his intercession. Finally Sultan Badr immediately apologize to Habib Umar. Badr Sultan said: “Why do we invite you to drink a cup of coffee from our course, you do not want?” Habib Umar replied: “Indeed, if we do not take care of myself, of course, we will not be able to do that”. Usually if the authorities ask for opinions from Habib Umar, then he gave an honest opinion, although the suggestion he was deemed not please him.

Mentioned when there is a ruler in Hadramaut said to Habib Umar: “We always remember you and expect prayer, O Habib Umar”. Habib Umar replied: “We do not fear you will be subjected to interference from the west and east citizens, unless there is a man who abused their rights to pray, for the prayers of the oppressed will be granted by God. At that moment my prayers may not be useful for you “. Habib Umar Al-Atthas known as someone who does not want to accept any gift from the ruler shape. Even so every gift given to Habib Umar then he took them with him to give it again next karamah to who gave him a respectful manner so that gives not feel offended or wherewithal to the poor. Habib Umar was very attentive to his followers who love him. Linkage feeling Habib Umar on his followers who love very big. This problem is known about many people. Among these are as narrated by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Bamasymus following: “When I was little, I had to travel in a vast desert and arid with a group entourage. When we arrived at a place that is no water, so we feel very thirsty, so our group fled and I was left alone in the middle of a barren desert can not overtake them. Then not long I get a spring so I drink water with your heart’s content. I think that spring is plain old spring water taken, then I continued my journey and I get people to leave I’d been fighting over water in a fountain. Then they lie down because of tired and thirsty. When they saw me coming, they menyilahkan I drank in the spring, but I said that I had been drinking at a spring that had you been through it. They were surprised that my words, because they feel that it does not have springs apart from where they were at that time. Once I was an adult, when I met with Habib Umar, then he asked me: “O Muhammad, you remember when you were in a desolate place and you almost died of thirst, then you soon find springs and you take it up? “Habib Umar’s speech reminded me that it was an intercession of him”. Sheikh Muhammad Bamasymus also mentioned that one day when we and Sheikh Ali Baras and his entourage visited the village of Habib Umar in Huraidhah, so he has asked us to continue the journey to the bottom of the Hadramaut. When we arrived in the city of Tarim, I’m sick to not be able to follow the group Sheikh Ali Baras. Then he asked, then when I got to the village Dhibiy, my pain grew louder until I pengsan. At night when I was in a state of sickly, I heard Habib Umar being cleared his throat at his home in Huraidhah while I am now in Wadi Dhibi. So at the moment there goes my followers and my health been recovered. It was none other than due to his sanctity.

Narrated by Sheikh Salim Ibn Abdul Qawi that his father’s name was Abdul Qawi Bin Muhammad Baqais, that one day Sheikh Abdul Qawi run on a mountain with a friend. When both of them will rise to the top, then they find a way to be passed in order to get to the top. Brief said, both have a narrow road towards the top. The road was only able to pass a course. When his first ride, suddenly a large stone fell down. Incidentally at that time Sheikh Abdul Qawi going up to the top so that the large stone that passes through the narrow streets that Sheikh Abdul Qawi felt threatened and he was shocked. Fortunately, at that moment he remembered to Habib Umar that he called out the name of Habib Umar Al-Atthas. With the permission of Allah, the stone was already behind him until he was spared. Surely it is the incident as evidence of God’s help and their sanctity Habib Umar Al-Atthas.

Salmin noted that Sheikh Ibn Umar and his friends went to Yemen. They ride horses. Sheikh Salmin known as the advanced rider. When the group passed through a beach, suddenly the horse ridden by Sheikh Salmin walk along the waterfront. Incidentally at that time there were waves crashing Sheikh Salmin horse, to horse Sheikh Salmin dragged out to sea until his friends deeply regrets his circumstances were dragged into the middle of the ocean. They can not give the slightest relief on Sheikh Salmin. Incidentally Sheikh Salmin who are facing death was recalled to Habib Umar that he shouted the name of Habib Umar and he vowed if he was saved from the danger of death was God, then he will give you the price of the horse to Habib Umar. By the grace of God, then he seems to be saved by someone who was riding a horse. After he survived, he mounted his horse which had been dragged into the middle of the ocean. Not too long he can pursue his friends until they stunned and delighted. Then he tells what he found and he fulfill his vow to Habib Umar. It also said that Muhammad Ibn Al-Huraidhi Hushin ever taught by Habib Umar Al-Atthas to memorize the Quran despite his advanced age, with conviction, then he made the suggestion Habib Umar and finally he can memorize the Koran by rote. One day, Muhammad Ibn Al-Huraidhi Hushin these late nights with friends. Incidentally at that time being merosak locust season crops. They agreed to burn locusts from the nest in a cave in a place called Gorgodah north village Huraidhah. On that night, they came out with fire and midrib-frond palm tree towards the cave in question. Arriving in the cave of the torch of them pose a fire burning in the surrounding areas. It appears that the fire was underestimated by them, so they ignore it. After the fire continues to expand, they have no way out of the cave so that they are sure that they will perish. So at that time they remembered to Habib Umar, then they beg forgiveness of Allah with connect (tawassul) to Habib Umar. So with the love of God countered one of the loopholes of the cave was open so stretched way out for them from the cave. That is one of the umpteenth story of sanctity Habib Umar. Habib Ali Ibn Hasan al-Atthas: “The story of Muhammad Ibn Hushin experienced and friends in the cave was very similar to the story of the Israelites three men who were trapped in the cave as mentioned in the hadith of Bukhari”. This situation even more frightening. Habib Umar compassion towards animals.

Habib Umar very fond of animals. This is evident from the following events. He mentioned when into his house, so he asked a number of food taken for the sake of his family owned for his new donkey ride.

It also said that Habib Umar forbade Sheikh Salim Al-Junaid to hit the donkey that strike in a very hot place. He told Sheikh Salim to lift the donkey’s neck and Habib Umar help him. Although donkey broke down many times, but still prohibits Syeikh Habib Umar Salim to hit him.

At one time, there was a of Lahrum who bring their livestock herds hard to beat. So he came to Habib Umar. When he was about to shake hands with Habib Umar, then Habib Umar refused to shake hands with him. Habib Umar replied: “I do not want to shake hands with you as hand pain”. Then the men were asked: “For what?” He replied: “From the pain of the blow when you beat your cattle earlier”. When the man apologized to Habib Umar then he strongly advised him that he does not repeat the offense. Disturbances affecting Habib Umar Al-Atthas. A person who has the task as well as enforcement Preachers truth, then the interference-interference not least, even he heard a man say to him: “What a delicious you, O Habib Umar, because you will not be a sort of no man who dared to hate you”. Then he said: “Tell me Lailaaha illa sentence as those who hate Habib Umar”. It shows the many people who are hostile to him. People who annoy and hurt Habib Umar was not the sake only of people outside, but from the people in his own house, that of his own wife. The story is as follows: On a night you come home to a group of Habib Umar. Then he woke his wife and told her to make the evening meal for his guests, but his wife rejected. Habib Umar asked him gently but his wife decided otherwise. Habib Umar finally forced out of his neighbor’s house for help so that his wife cooking dinner for his guests. Then the neighbor’s wife was pleased to make dinner for guests Habib Umar. Habib Umar painful not only occur during Habib Umar was still alive, but after he wafatpun, not a few who instigate and berate him. Strangely after those who instigate it saw sanctity Habib Umar, then their new regret and recognize the magnitude of his sanctity.

Wives of Habib Umar Al-Atthas

According to reliable news mentioned that Habib Umar married with thirteen women (not at the same time). There are eight women who had given to his son, while five people do not have time to give the child to him. As for the wives that he had to give the child to Habib Umar is: – Sultonah Bint Umar Ibn Reba ‘could provide for her two children, namely Salim and Musyayakh. As for his wives who could not give a child: A woman from the family Basurah Baalwi of Hainan. He married this woman because women had married late. A woman from the village Huraidhah, he named Solahah. She married him in the village right at the beginning of Huraidhah. He was married to two women of the family Bajabir of Andal. He was married to a woman from Manwab. When Habib Umar visited Qaydun village to visit the Sheikh Said Bin Isa Al-Amudi so he could apply for the daughter of Abu Bakr Ibn Muhammad Habib Bafaqih. His proposal is accepted by Habib Abu Bakr. By this, then there is a very close relationship between these two characters, just not to be a wedding. Habib Umar children Number of children Habib Umar was 14 people, 9 boys, 5 girls. As for his sons were: Salim, Musyayakh, Hussein, Abdurrahman, Ali, Sheikh Al-Albar, Muhsin, Sheikh and Abdullah. The girls he is: Sheikha, Alwiyah, Fatimah, Asma ‘and Salma.

Besides, he still has a lot of boys and girls who died in childhood. Among his sons who conceive are: Salim Hussein, Abdurrahman Sheikh and Abdullah. While his children that others do not have children. Nearby cues about his death is said that Habib Umar Al-Atthas never tell the nearby death, sometimes notice it in the form of signals which can in understanding, but some are blatant. Mentioned that when he was asked by an at what age he would die, then he hinted at the age of 80 years. In fact this is so. The news was delivered by Habib Abdullah, his son. It added, when he met with leaders Ba’alawi like-Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad, Habib Ahmad Bin Hashim and Habib Isa Bin Mohammed Al-Habsyi Sad’beh village. he had to give a last message for them and he said: “Maybe today is the last meeting with you guys in the world, I’ll see you later”. Then he left the village to the village Nafhun Sad’beh. Not long after he arrived in the village Nafhun, he died. At the end of his life, when he was praying in a mosque Friday Nafhun village, so he sat in the front door of the mosque as set out above. He gives good advice for followers, then he asked them: “Have I not conveyed the message of God?” Answer his followers: “Yes”. Then he said: “O Allah, watch their words, actually you the best of the witness”. After hearing his last words were, one of his followers, there were said to his son, Habib Hussein: “Speech father latter hinted that he will leave us, then give condolences to Habib Hussein”.

The beginning of his illness was mentioned by Habib Isa Bin Mohammed Al-Habsyi, that when he visited the place Habib Umar along with his students to Huraidah but Habib Umar was in Sahrun. Habib ‘Isa was not allowed to enter the place of Habib Umar and he was told to wait. Similarly, when Al-Habib Ahmad Bin Hashim Al-Habsyi arrived at the site and would like to visit Habib Umar, then he was denied meet Habib Umar, before being allowed by him. On the same day Al-Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad came together students in that place and he was told to wait on the spot.

Not long after the three leaders met Habib Umar Ba’alawi it briefly with his entourage. During the meeting, he prayed and he gave libas invite him reciting surat Al-Fatihah. Then he said: “Today is the last meeting in this world, I hope we can meet again in the sight of Allah”. Then Habib Umar sent to Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad to go to Haynan and Habib Ahmad Bin Hashim to go to Hajrain and he also gives libas him. While Isa Bin Mohammed Habib invited to Huraidhah village with him. Once they arrived at the village of Andal then both attend council reading Maulud Prophet. Then on the next day when arrived at the village Hunfur, Habib Isa was ordered to his village and further requested on Thursday night to go to the village Nafhun. Isa Habib said: “I arrived at the village Nafhun on Thursday night and I get the sons of Habib Umar and his colleagues and students who come from various places were gathered with him”.

In the time leading up to the death of Habib Umar, he repeated the stanza poem:

“The face of my beloved is my gaze, I always expose my face to him, suffices him as my qibla and I resigned myself to him”. Both verses above are greeting Habib Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al-Aidrus Al-Adni. Al-Habib Umar Bin Al-Hussein Atthas: “When the eve of his death, my father repeating verses of poetry Al-Faqih Bamahramah Umar:” If it was not because of the amount of hope in God and believe that good for people who decorate mosques with who always attend prayer and certainly none of us were expecting pleasure in Sisia age, because beristirehat in the cemetery is better and more useful than live in the world, was among those who like to do slander and provocative “.

It was also said by Al-Habib Hussein that before the arrival time of his demise, Habib Umar was repeating the word of God: “Say, O my servants who have been oppressing him, you do not despair of the mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sin pleased – sin, surely He Grantor forgiveness and Merciful “.

It also said that Habib Umar often read Surah Al-Fatihah and then he rubbed his hands to his face. I once asked him: “Why do I often see you read Al-Fatihah and then you rub your hands to your face?” Habib Umar replied: “I wonder why I do that?” said Habib Hussein: “I do not know”. Habib Umar said: “What a lot of people are saying?” Answer Habib Hussein: “They often complain about their difficulties”. Habib Umar said: “Verily I read Al-Fatihah multiply with the hope that they are kept away from any disaster and given happiness because they peru note”. Said Al-Habib Hussein Ibn Umar: “During his illness, my father often not lost consciousness. If he is aware, then he is often asked about the existing clerical his elders. When he was asked about where he should be buried, then he said: “Ask user to God, then God gave instructions to you”. In fact after his death, then a lot of help-help that come from various places. Before he breathed his last, he intestate to us: “Look at the state of your religion, you should each mutual help and be patient, because besabar will give satisfactory results”. At the same time he sought the relief prayed for the people of Islam in order to be patience when they parted with him “. At the moment sekrisis it, he asked about his Sheikh Abbas Bin Abdillah Bahafash, if he had come from the village Huraidhah, because he asked bathed by Sheikh Abbas. Fortunately Sheikh Abbas arrived in the evening before he died, so he was glad about the arrival. When facing the last moment, so he has asked people around him to remembrance on his side with a loud voice, so it sounds like echo Hornet. He breathed his last at remembering and accompanied by the sound of remembrance of those around him. Before he breathed his last, he asked diwudhui. Then Sheikh Abbas Bin Bahafash purification him. When Sheikh Abbas forget interrupt-interrupted his beard, then he reminded the hand movements because at that time he could hardly speak, of course, it exists as a sign that he always follows the trail of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Even at the very moment of crisis. At that time, one of his disciples who mention La ilaha Illallah sentence next to his ear as recommended of Prophet even if that person has been notified that such acts do not need to be done to Habib Umar who made the sentence of remembrance has been fused with blood and flesh.

Habib Umar last breath in the middle of the night, the night of 23 Rabi al Khamis End date 1072H. Death of Habib Umar make disciples and his followers were deeply saddened both small and large. He died in the village Nafhun, but his body was buried in the village Huraidhah on Thursday afternoon. The traveler’s corpse he conducted the reading of the Koran and finished many times and it lasted eight days in his grave side. It shows how big his intercession. Right at the burial Habib Umar, the atmosphere in the village was overwhelmed cloudy and rainy. The departure of Habib Umar banya poets evoke the desire to pour their grief in verses beautiful poem. Among the poems of Al-Faqih Umar Ibn Qadim.

Some dream about the state of Habib Umar after he passed away in the night Right death of Habib Umar Al-Atthas, one of the pious family in Tarim Ba’alawi dream as if the moon and the sun fell on the ground Ba’alawi family, in fact he heard about the death news Habib Umar. Mentioned by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Baras, he said when Sheikh Ali had died, then Syeikh Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Bamasymus dreams met with Sheikh Ali Baras and he asked him: “Where are you meeting with Habib Umar?” Answer Sheikh Ali Baras: “I was shaking hands with Habib Umar near the Throne of God”. Mentioned by a family Bawazir, that he had a dream in one night as if doomsday had arrived. At that moment as if humans were gathered in the field Mahsyar, their number very much. When they were in the middle of the field Mahsyar, suddenly there was a fire under Hadraumaut, while the Angels lead people with very long iron. When people see a fire and a long chain, then they ran into a spot in Wadi Amed, then I see no light descending from heaven like a white cloud coagulating. When I ask: “What’s happening?” Then said: “This is the light of the Supreme Majesty who want to judge men on the field Mahsyar. At that moment I saw Habib Umar stood under the light beam, while Angel Ridwan was on his right side. Similarly, Angel Malik comes with a grim face. Then I saw Habib Umar invoke the intercession to God for the people of Muhammad: “O our Lord, they are the people of Muhammad, they come to you with a witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad the Messenger of Allah testifies that they establish prayer, pay zakat, Ramadan fasting, Hajj worship, charity, connecting ties with family, enforce Amar Ma’ruf and Nahi Munkar, away from immoral acts, for fear of thee. If you torment them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, You Exalted, the Most Wise.

Speech Habib Umar was denied by Angel Malik: “O our Lord, they are not as stated by Habib Umar. They left the prayer, do not want to pay the zakat, fasting and pilgrimage not, and they always violate prohibitions You. Habib Umar once again repeated his request and Angel Malik was repeated denial anyway, until finally God says: “For the sake of my glory, I have received a request Habib Umar and I am pleased to forgive them”. Allah says: “O Angel Ridwan, open the door of heaven and invite them into it”. Then Angel Ridwan rise and merry and execute the command of God to him. Meanwhile, Malik Angel looks very grim. said the man who dreamed it: “At that moment, as if I was standing with them by holding clothes Habib Umar and I am very afraid that I said to Habib Umar:” O Habib Umar, talk to Angel Ridwan so I entered heaven with him “. Habib Umar said: “Go thou with them into heaven because of my prayers have been accepted by God for this uma”. I said: “Talk to Angels Ridwan to bring into heaven, because I’m afraid of my sins are very much”. Habib Umar said: “O Angel Ridwan, bring these people into heaven”. Ridwan angel replied: “Let it go together”. When Angel Ridwan took my hand and led me into heaven, then I woke up because it feels very happy “.

Aphorisms of Habib Umar Al-Atthas

  1. Habib Umar once said: “Pay attention to the good habits that you want, died in the habit of it, because it’s still in the habit you like it, and pay attention to the bad habits that you do not want his death in such habits, because it distracts the habit”.
  2. Habib Umar said: “If you see an always well-behaved, then rest assured that the firm your religion”
  3. Habib Umar said: “The sources of knowledge will not be reduced at all of the later generations, but in general they come up with a leaking container, so it does not acquire knowledge except a little.”
  4. Habib Umar said: “Most people who come to bring vessel which can be inadequate in a month’s time, there were inadequate only 8 days, there is also the insufficiency of the day, but there also can be inadequate throughout his life”.
  5. When he heard the words of the Prophet: “One sometimes charitable virtues up between him and heaven only stay an inch, but in the divine provision, he was designated as the inhabitants of Hell, so he did the deeds of charity dwellers of Hell, until he went to in Hell. Someone sometimes charitable crimes up between him and Hell just stay an inch, but in the divine decree, he was assigned as prospective residents heaven, until he entered into heaven “. Comments Habib Umar: “Someone who always do deeds expert heaven, mostly will enter into heaven, for he has done is the epitome lahiriyah batiniyah deeds. If he was to go to hell, it rarely. It was like a man falling from a place that is not too high, of course, that person will not be dangerous. Similarly, one who does deeds population hell, most of it will go to hell. But when he entered into heaven, it rarely happens once. It was like a man who fell from the top of the mountain, mostly going to die “.
  6. Habib Umar said: “The one who does good deeds, but he likes to eat the forbidden, then he is like a man who took a jar of water with a flat, alias will get no reward at all”.
  7. Habib Umar said: “It used to be among men, no one came to bring complete with oil lamps and the matches that the preparations are complete, so that the teacher can ignite. But now, many of which came to the teachers but they do not carry any teacher can turn on “.
  8. Habib Umar said: “Patience is the result was positive. God will always give a positive result for a patient who. Thank God what is God’s will for sure be determined, and what will be done God, then it will be done “.
  9. Habib Umar said to a group of peasants: “Does the farmer will sleep soundly at night, when in the evening there is a division of water for their rice fields that can irrigate their fields?” They replied, “No one will sleep among us. “Habib Umar said:” Let those who want to leave his salvation in the Hereafter, in order to get a splash of grace in the middle of the night “.
  10. When recited verses Sheikh Abdul Hadi Assudi: “Who love Suad, should always do not sleep at night”. Habib Umar gave his comment: “Who loves Huraidhah, then he does not sleep at night, meaning that anyone who loves a, then he should follow his journey, because following the person’s behavior as a sign of love to him”.
  11. 11.  Habib Umar said: “May you always bring your heart to God and you should always bring your heart to God and you should put their trust in Him wholeheartedly, because God knows wherever you are.”
  12. Habib Umar said: “Satan can tempt people from any side he never anticipated”.
  13. Habib Umar said: “Dates or cucumber from a lawful source better than pureed meat from doubtful sources”.
  14. Habib Umar said: “Do not care about the world and its inhabitants and do not be jealous anyway with clothing or food that is owned by its inhabitants”.
  15. One day, when many people were saying to Habib Umar condolences on the death of his young son, then he said with an expression that was filled with wonder: “What a disaster lightly in religion according to you, but you never condolences suppose I’m late pray together means too late to pray in congregation is more worthy to be sad over someone death little boy “. When he heard the admiration of some people who witnessed someone sanctity guardian, then he said: “Indeed, it was all God’s grace that gives a servant”. When mentioned to him: “Why not change your language dialect, when you have a long stay at the top of the Hadramaut?” Habib Umar replied: “A language is a dialect that converts a less wits”.
  16. Habib Umar said: “The village Huraidhah is our honor region, while the region of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Djaelani honor in the future before us, he who does something which her real then we would do for him anyway her real deeds, nor he who acts inner, then we also will do the same thing for him “. When there is a saying to Habib Umar: “O Habib Umar, later we wanted to be buried next to each other and close to you”. Habib Umar said: “We hope that will not intercede for all citizens or residents Huraidhah world”. While there are some people say so and so is better than so and so, then Habib Umar said: “What good is a saying that has passed through the doors of Heaven to enter into it”.
  17. Habib Umar said: “I am with my sons wherever they are.” Asked to him: “O Habib Umar, how can you and your sons are in this place which is far from big cities and famous with the trustees as cities Tarim?” Habib Umar replied: “The scent of a place depending on the population fragrance, perfume as well as we would our own country “.
  18. Habib Umar said: “Injustice of the ruler of the people will add virtue to the people of the land, either in the world or the next issue, which is a way that is similar to the well, the more the water taken it more and more wells emit water, otherwise if it does not take water wells, it will not increase the water at all, maybe the water will rot, because the water in it never moves “.
  19. When there is a generous man who complained to Habib Umar that he could not do the prayer at the beginning of time, because he did not want to refuse the request of people who ask for help from it even though it has come time in prayer, then Habib Umar said: “O my brother, when prayer time has arrived, leave all your zeal for God is more worthy of attention than others “.
  20. He encourages everyone who has been reading the Koran finished intended for the souls of those who have died, should he read that to say La ilaha Tahlil Illallah how much he wants, then continued Subhaanallahi Wabihamdi some much that he wants , followed by the reading of Muhammad the Messenger of La ilaha Illallah 3 times by extending the reading, then he should say Solawat 3 times that cor Solli ‘Alaa Habibika Sayyidina Muhammadin alihi Wa Wa Shohbihi Wasallim, then he should say Ya Rasulullah’ Alaika Salam Ya Rasulullah Salamun Fi Salamin ‘Alaika 3 times, after it should read Al-Fatihah 1 times, Surat Al-Ikhlas 11 times, the Al-Falaq 1 times, an-Naas letter 1 times, verse Chair 1 times, the final letter Al-Baqarah 1 times and the letter of Al-Qadr 1 time with the intention of reward presented to the souls of the intended “. Habib Umar never advocated his reading Istighfar and Alhamdulillah as possible after a reading Maulud.
  21. Habib Umar advocated to increase the reading Istighfar and Solawat, for they are the best of remembrance that can help trouble in the present. Habib Abdullah Bin Alawi Al-Haddad said: “If you say as many as 11 times each time these lines, it means you have to run what was once taught by Habib Umar Al-Atthas: Mentioned there is a follower of Habib Umar told him:” I see people who are in this majlis Wali everything “. Habib Umar said: “What you say is true”. When the man came out of the Majlis Habib Umar, then he was asked by a present from the Majlis of his speech mean to the person. Habib Umar then said: “Those that have been appointed as Trustee of God, so that seeing others in the mirror, because a believer becomes a believer mirror other”.

The testimony of the noble people of the greatness of Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Mentioned when Habib Umar Al-Atthas and a group of people came to the place Habib Bin Husin Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim, then Habib Umar was in the ranks behind them and he was rather shabby clothes and blind eyes. When Habib Husin look at yourself Habib Umar, then he said his friends Habib Umar: “Why do you emphasize the things that are visible only to people you do not want to glorify it in its proper place. Suppose you know the exact position of Habib Umar, surely you will be subject to him and surely you will be glorifying to him “.

When Habib Muhammad Bin Alawi Bin Abu Bakr Ibn Ahmad Ibn Syeikh Abdurrahman As-Seggaf, a guardian who lives in the city of Makkah receives greetings from Habib Umar through Sheikh Salim Bin Ali Ba’ubad, then he bowed his head for a moment, then he said: “Let every person who headed willingly bowed his head in honor of Habib Umar Al-Atthas and in honor of the greatness of Allah, I heard a rattling noise from the sky, in order to respect Habib Umar. He also said that now no one under heaven is more noble than Habib Umar Al-Atthas.

Habib Abdullah Bin Alawi Al-Haddad had stated in a letter that is shown in one of his students that at times it is not an equivalent trustee with Habib Umar Al-Atthas. Mentioned by one of the students Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad, that when I was in the council of Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad, then moved my heart to ask him about the nature of Habib Umar Al-Atthas. Then spontaneously Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad said: “One who recognizes Habib Umar Al-Atthas, then he will find the nature of Habib Umar Al-Atthas similar to Sayyidina Abdurrahman As-Seggaf”.

Al-Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad said: “Habib Umar Al-Atthas is like the heart and the truth of a person and that person does not have any appetite.”

When Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad asked someone, whether Habib Umar Al-Atthas leave papers or verses of poetry? “Habib Abdullah replied:” That left by Habib Umar is people like me, Sheikh Ali Baras and Sheikh Muhammad Bamasymus “.

When people mention the nature of Habib Umar Al-Atthas before Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad, then he said: “That man (Al-Habib Umar) that tree planted on the basis of humble and gentle, so stems like it too “. Furthermore, Habib Isa Bin Mohammed Al-Habsyi mentions various properties owned by Habib Umar Al-Atthas as follows: Habib Umar Al-Atthas, since in a small age, he already likes to worship, asceticism and keep herself well from nature buruk.Beliau was always honor the saints of God, the protector of Muslims, widows and orphans. Habib Umar always entertaining them with the good news, so they are very convinced and Habib Umar love wholeheartedly. Among general and special, Habib Umar was known as a loving person. Habib Abdullah Bin Alawi Al-Haddad said: “Al-Habib Bin Husin Syeikh Abu Bakr very very proud of Habib Umar because of his study”. Habib Ali Al-Atthas said: “Habib Umar Al-Atthas very proud because Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad requires knowledge of him”. Habib Muhammad Bin Abdurrahman Madihij always encourages his students to go to town Huraidhah when they invoke the science of his diploma because when it Habib Umar Al-Atthas still alive. According to Habib Umar he is a character all Ba’alawi family.

Students who have studied from Habib Umar Al-Atthas

Among students who had studied from Habib Umar is:

His sons, of whom is Habib Husein, Habib Salim, Habib Abdurrahman, his brothers Habib Aqil, Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad, Habib Isa Bin Mohammed Al-Habsyi, Habib Ahmad Bin Hashim Al-Habsyi, Habib Abdullah Bin Ahmad Balfaqih, Habib Muhammad Bin Abdurrahman Madihij, Sayyid Ali Ibn Umar Ibn Husayn Ibn Ali Ibn Syeikh Abu Bakr, Sheikh Ali Baras, Sheikh Muhammad Bamasymus, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Umar Alamudi known by the nickname Ghozali in Budzah, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Usman Alamudi, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Ba’afif Alamudi, Sheikh Aqil Ibn Amir Ibn Daghmusy, Sheikh Ahmad Sheikh Sahl Ibn Sahl Ibn Ishaq Ibn Abdurrahman Sheikh Abdul Kabir Baqis, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdul Kabir Baqis, Alfaqih Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Umar Syarahil Sheikh, Sheikh Omar Bin Salim Badzib, Sheikh Salim Bin Baubad, Habib Husein Bin Sheikh Ali Bin muhammad Al-Aidrus, Habib Ahmad Ibn Umar al-Hinduan, Habib Zein Bin Imron Ba’alawi, Sheikh Abbas Bin Abdillah Bahafash, Sheikh Omar Bin Ahmad Al-Hilabi, Abu Said, Habib Abdullah Bin Muhammad Basurah, Sheikh Muzahim Bin Ali Bajabir, Sheikh Ali Bin Sholeh, Qouzan Zahir, Abdurrahim al-Faqih Bakatir, Sheikh Salim Bin Abdurrahman Junaid Bawazir, Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Abdurrahman Bin Abdul Ma’bud Wazir Muhammad Ibn Umar Bawazir, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sad Bamika Syibami, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bajamal, Sheikh Ali Bin al-Seggaf Toha, Sheikh Omar Bin Ali Az-Zubaidi Al-Faqih Abdullah Ibn Umar Ba’ubad, Sheikh Ali Bin Ahmad Bin wurud Bawazir, Habib Aqil Syeikh Ibn as-Seggaf, Sheikh Habib Bin Abdurrahman Al-Habsyi, Sheikh Ali Bin Haulan, Sheikh Ali Bin Al-Udzri Qosim, Sheikh Mahmoud an-Najar Jummal ever met with Khidr but do not ask for prayer because he felt quite the do ‘a teacher is Habib Umar.

Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Albar once told Habib Ali Bin Hasan Al-Atthas: “O Ali, indeed the entire population of Hadhramaut been associated with grandfather Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas. Among them were associated with him from the path, there are associated with him from two lanes, there is even related to him from three lanes”.

Reprinted from:

  • Biography of Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas, by Thohir Bin Abdullah Al-Kaf, published by Dar al-Muhajir
  • Summary History of Al-Habib Umar Ibn Abdurrahman Al-Atthas: in commemoration of the 347 th Haul Al-Imam Al-Arif Billah Al-Qutb Rabbani Tahyyibul Anfas Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthas
  • Excess Ratib: Uraian Ratib Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Atthas, by Syed Hassan Bin Mohammed Al-Atthas, Ba’alwi Mosque Singapore, published by Hamid Offset Service


Benefit and Virtue of Ratib Al-Aththas and Ratib Al-Haddad


Ratib Al-Aththas is organized by Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Attas. Ratib is meant here is derived from the word (Rattaba) means arranging a. Ratib is something constructed, with neatly organized. Ratib al-Attas containing remembrance, the verses of the Koran and prayers that have been prepared by Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Attas with sourced from the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad who read at certain times. Ratib terms used were mostly in Hadhramaut country in calling remembrance remembrance usually short with little remembrance numbers (such as 3, 7, 10, 11 and 40 times).

The virtue Ratib Al-Athtas

Experts say some scholars of the Salaf, among these Ratib virtue for those who still practice it, is extended lifespan, got Husnul-Khatimah, keeping all his possessions in the sea and on the earth, and always under the protection of God.

For those who have a certain intent, read Ratib on an empty spot with purification (berwudlu), face to mecca and intend what his will, Insha-Allah granted by God. The Salaf said Ratib very mujarrab in submitting requests if read as much as 41 times.

Among the advantages of this Ratib is, he is keeping his house and 40 neighbors’ homes from fire, theft and hit the magic. As-Sheikh Ali Baras said: “When read in a village or a place, he secured guarded by 70 experts as the hero riding. This Ratib contains useful secrets. Those who still practice it will be forgiven his sins even though God as much froth in the sea. “

For those who are exposed to magic and reading Ratib, Insha-Allah saved thanks to God with Asma ‘Allah, the verses of the Quran and the practice of the Prophet Muhammad

Al-Habib Husein Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Mohsen Bin Hussein al-Attas said: “Those who practice Ratib and terpatuk snake undoubtedly will not happen to him. For those who are afraid, shall be saved from all dreaded. Once there was a man who was attacked by 15 people thieves and he survived. “

Never came a collection of those things that will pit surrounded by enemies. Al-Habib Husein told them to read Ratib and assure him God willing they will be safe.

Mentioned in the book of al-Qirtas: “It has become a tradition for our elders, especially the tradition of Al-Habib Husein Bin Umar read Ratib al-Attas is after Isha prayer ‘. The habit was done by Habib Husein and his followers hereditary except in the month of Ramadan. As Ramadan reading Ratib was read before praying Isha ‘. But for many who are fond remembrance Ratib Al-Attas read this in the morning and in the evening, because in between sentences there zikr remembrance recommended to read it in the morning and in the afternoon as outlined in hadith-Prophetic


Ratib Al-Haddad is a collection of prayers that come from the hadiths of the Prophet SAW compiled by Al-Imam Al-Qutb Al-Habib Abdullah Bin Alwi Al-Haddad. He is Al-Habib Abdullah Bin Alwi Al-Haddad also a famous hadith expert and has achieved a degree Hujjatul Islam, and Islamic Hujjatul title only given to those who have memorized 300,000 hadith and its sanad and matannya law.

The virtue Ratib Al-Haddad

Collected stories about the advantages Ratib Al-Haddad many recorded in the book Sharh Ratib Al-Haddad, among them:

A person who loves the descendants of Sayyid, said: “Once I leave the country Ahsa’i toward Hufuf. On that trip I saw the Badwi which usually depriving people who travel across it. I stopped and sat, where the same place I outlined the land around me and I sat in the middle of reading this Ratib. By the power of God they have passed in front of me like a person who does not see anything, when I see them. “

What was reported by a Arif Billah Abdul Wahid Bin Az-Zarafi Subait, he said: There was a cruel ruler known as Tahmas which is also known by the name of Nadir Shah. This is a ruler Tahmas ajam who has mastered many of the countries in the vicinities. He has prepared his army to fight Aughan country. Sultan Aughan named Solomon sent someone to Imam Abdullah Habib Haddad and told him that Tahmas army is preparing to attack. Abdullah Habib Haddad then send this Ratib and told Sultan Sulaiman and people read it. Sultan Sulaiman also practice reading this Ratib and ordered his army and all the people to read this Ratib to utter: “We will not be able to master Tahmas because we have a strong fortress, which Ratib this Haddad.” It is true what is said Sultan Sulaiman it, that country regardless of assault Tahmas and survivors of anger cruel ruler who was the blessing Ratib this Haddad.

An experience of more than Barakat Awadh Sayyid Ash-Syathiri Ba’alawi when he sailed with the ship, and the ship had been lost way so bring it aground on the edge of a rock. When the wind also stopped and can not move the ship out of danger. We all feel uncertain, and we read it with the intention Ratib Allah will save us. So with the power of God came the wind and pull us out of that place to get to our destination. Therefore I always reading this Ratib. The other night I fell asleep before reading it, then my dream come Habib Abdullah Al-Haddad Ratib reminded that read this, and I was awakened from sleep and continue reading Ratib Haddad it.

Among again, what was reported by Sayyid Ali Bin Hassan, Mirbath population, he said: “On one occasion I fell asleep before I read Ratib, I then had a dream came to an angel told me:” Every night we the Angels submissive to you so and so from assortment of goodness, but on this night we did not make anything else because you do not read Ratib. I then woke up and read Ratib Haddad it with alacrity.

Half the Sayyid spoke about his experience: “If I fall asleep when I had not finished reading Ratib Hadad, I dream to see things that surprise, but if it is spent reading, do not dream of anything else.”

Among the reported again, that a lover of the Sayyid Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad Mughairiban Shai’ar living in the country, he recalled: “From the customs of Habib Syed Zainul Abidin Bin Ali Bin Sayyid Abdullah Haddad I always submissive to him, namely he never once left reading this Ratib. Suddenly one night we fell asleep at the start time of ‘Isha’, we do not read Ratib and not pray ‘Isha’, everyone including Habib Syed Zainul Abidin. We do not unconscious but in the morning, where we find most of our house on fire. Now we know that all of it applies for not reading this Ratib. Because then we never left his reading again, and when they read us feel at ease, no nothing that would harm us, and we did not falter again against our house, although he made of palm leaves, and if we do not read it, our hearts are not serene and always indecision. “

Habib Muhammad Bin Zain Bin Semait himself said in his book Ghayatul qasd Wal Murad, that the spirit of Hadrat Ratib authors will be present when Ratib read this, and there is no longer mystical secrets that would otherwise be achieved when reading and it is efficacious and really effective, no doubt.

Said Habib Alwi Bin Ahmad, author of Sharh Ratib Al-Haddad: “Who forbids people reading this Ratib and also wird-wird the Salihin, surely he will be overwritten disaster heavier than Allah, and it is never valid and not the way empty. “

Said Habib Muhammad Bin Zain Bin Semait Ba’alawi in his book Ghayatul qasd Wal Murad: It has been said Sayyidina Abdullah Habib Haddad: “Anyone who opposes or rebellious people who read our Ratib this with overt or hidden defiance would receive such a disaster are overwritten onto the backs of people who dhikr and wird or neglect their hearts from remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. Allah the Exalted says: “And whosoever turns away from My remembrance, then her life will be doomed narrow.” (Taha: 124).